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Howdy, I'm SujithAnand

UX Designer

I enjoy designing experiences that are user-centric, delightful, and human. Currently designing thoughtful experiences at Mitratech to help product managers & engineers to build world-class enterprise applications.

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My Story

I remember during high school, I was always excited about using photoshop. And I started exploring adobe products, playing with different tools, I started creating designs. I was so enthusiastic during that phase of life because there is no boundary to your creativity. 


But, unfortunately, Somewhere between my high school and UG, I forgot what I love the most. So then, I started my career as a software developer. Like every other protagonist of their story, I asked myself, "Ain't doing the thing I love?" and the answer is NO.


I was lucky enough the company that hired me as the software developer had an opening for a UI designer. 


That's my long story in short.

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